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Learn The Secrets To Drawing Realistic Animals Easily

With Pastel Pencils


  • Real Fur That No One Else Is Teaching

  • The Banned Technique For Perfect Proportions Every time

  • Perfect Colour Every time

  • To Layering And Texture

  • Ditch The Overwhelm and Start Like A Pro Today

  • How To Sky-Rocket Your Confidence With What You'll Learn

Drawing Challenge

MAY 6 - 8, 2024

3 Days, Just 60 Minutes A Day


Watch Live or Via Replays

If you want a FORMULA to draw great pictures NOW without the overwhelm and without taking YEARS to learn then this FREE 3-Day Challenge is 100% for you .

LIVE Step-by-Step Trainings with Rob

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More Progress in Days Than You’ve Had In Months


AT LAST! Proof it doesn't take 10 years to get 'GOOD'

Once-In-A-Lifetime Masterclass!


  • Want to know the secret to always feeling confident when you draw

  • Want To Learn All About Layering

  • Want To Learn How To Draw Fur That Looks Real

  • Want To Learn How To Use Colours

  • Want To Get Good Amazing Fast

  • Feel You Need A Framework To Know How To Draw

  • Want to Draw But Get Overwhelmed Or Lack Confidence

  • Feel You're Willing To Make The Leap and Go All In


I'm Rob Ballentine and in

one Facebook post

I became a full-time commissioned artist

If you want the ONE AND ONLY challenge that breaks from the traditional 'follow along' drawing classes and gives you the secrets that all the modern pro's know...

...that accelerates your learning

... and shows you how you can draw realistic animals in hours not weeks...

... then you're in the right place

Here's the story:

I spent three years studying hundreds of artists...

and finally understand what the masters knew. And I want to teach you.

If someone asked me, what would be the most important thing to learn to draw, I'd tell them...

"STOP doing outdated 'follow along' learning.

Don't spend years trying to learn how to draw.! You don't need to.

Accelerate your drawing skills like never before without spending years of learning.

Discover the secrets to Pastel Pencils that took me from a nobody, drawing a dog for the first time, to full time commissioned artist - in only 3 months.

I'm giving you the secrets to accelerating your drawing in just 3 x one hour sessions so that YOU finish your first REALISTIC ANIMAL.

And the techniques I'm going to give you FREE

can be used in any type of drawing YOU want to create after the course is over.

Learning These Principles & Techniques...

  • Stops overwhelm almost instantly!

    Once you learn the FRAMED techniques you'll never feel overwhelmed starting a drawing ever again.

  • Up's your confidence to tackle any drawing, anytime and stops imposter syndrome take over.

  • Collapses 10 years of traditional learning so you get drawing NOW and don't have to wait ten years to get GOOD.

  • Gives you tons of time back in your calendar because you'll no longer spend hours, days or weeks to draw a single drawing!

  • If you're an aspiring artist wanting to earn a living, these techniques will up your income instantly because you'll be drawing faster and producing more work with time to spare!

  • Will give you skills that you can transfer to other mediums from pastel pencils, graphite, coloured pencils and paint.

  • Gives you the secrets of how to use AI for your drawings (and it's not what you think) (HINT: top artists already know this and are using it now)

  • Means you become an artist NOW

Is the 'FRAMED' Art Challenge for me?

Yes! The FRAMED Art Challenge is especially for you if...

  • You want a FORMULA to know exactly how to draw.

    (Hint: It's way easier than you think and once you learn it you'll be able to draw what you want every time.)

  • You've wanted to up your drawing skills and stop procrastinating or you feel it's time to stop letting imposter syndrome take over.

  • You feel overwhelmed and don't know how to start... You think about drawing but don't know where or how to start and want to know just what materials you need.

  • You think the tools you need to start drawing will cost you a second mortgage. I'll give you my very own materials list that sets you up and shows you drawing does not have to break the bank

If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then ABSOLUTELY, this FREE 5-Day Challenge is 100% for you. What have you got to loose?

For FREE, FRAMED will teach you the FRAMEWORK to creating your own artwork, ready to be framed, everytime ✨

With 3 LIVE trainings to guide you and LIVE accountability to motivate you, FRAMED will help you draw GREAT now without the years of waiting

Just imagine ✨…

  • Sitting down to draw feeling confident you know exactly what to do and don't feel any overwhelm

  • Having all the right materials right there, ready to go

  • Knowing just how to create your drawing because you know the FORMULA (Hint: this is what they don't teach you)

  • Feeling comfortable and at ease every time you sit down to draw

  • Being part of a community of like-minded people to ask questions to that make you feel welcomed, and supported.

  • Drawing effortlessly because you understand the secrets to colour coding your reference photo (Hint: A best kept pro secret that I'm going to spill the beans on)


You'll Get:

You’ll Walk Away From

FRAMED Knowing How To:

Use the FORMULA to successful drawing every time

Kickstart Your Drawing Like A Pro: Create Beautiful Drawings With Confidence

Understand Colour Like A Boss That Makes Drawing So Much Quicker

Draw Features As If You'd Been Drawing Them For Years In Much Less Time

Create a Collection of Artwork That Has Your Unique Style Like A Pro.

Use tools that make you feel like you're an artist

FRAMED Is Not A Course...

But It's Not Supposed To Be. 🤷‍♂️

While you'll have replays of each training as long as the Challenge is open, the content does expire and the group does close. The end date exists in order to keep you accountable to getting the work done (which might end up being your favourite part).



(And Why Is It The Only Art Course You Need)?

On day one of the FRAMED Challenge, I'm going to show you:

How the FRAMED Formula will set you up to draw anything anytime with confidence

How Step 1 of the FRAMED Formula is the most accurate way to draw and saves you hours (and is so easy)

Why The FRAMED Formula works and is the KEY to pro-level drawing every time

Why THIS Method is essential for ANY Artist!


Mind Tricks

On day two of the FRAMED Challenge, I'm going to show you:

How we really see things and why Technology & Details are not your friends

You'll learn the No. 1 technique that makes your art look sooo professional that most people spend years getting to.

I did too, until I discovered this.


Time Really is Money!

Why Time is Not Your Friend, Until You Learn This

Then you can 5X your earnings.


Framed Art Secrets

(And Why You'll Never Feel Lost Again)?

On Day four of the FRAMED Challenge, I'm going to show you:

The one most important tool that I wished I'd had right at the beginning.

This will save you years of heartache, it'll progress your art faster than anything and let you know instantly what to do next and where to go and most importantly...

It'll stop any of those negative thoughts about your work and how good you should be.


The Secrets to Beautiful Art

(That no-one is teaching)

On day Five of the FRAMED Challenge, I'm going to show you:

On the fifth and final day of the challenge, I'll show you the most simple principle that will make your art stand out like the masters.

From Organisational Design & Complexity Theory... (i know sounds big! but its so simple and amazing)

This is especially for you if you look at your art and think, my technique is good, but it's (the picture) still not working.


Find YOUR SuperPower

On day Five of the FRAMED Challenge, I'm going to show you:

Your SuperPower

When you know what it is - it'll make drawing and art so much more of a pleasure, you'll no longer be doing those bits that are just 'eurghh' or that don't gel with you.

But the kind of Art that makes you relax and fall into yourself - why? Because it's just you!

But Hurry! We're Filling Up Fast...

We are limited on our virtual bandwidth. That means once we’ve reached capacity, we’re closing down this page...

So Don’t Wait! Join The FRAMED Challenge For FREE Right Now!

Your Host During This

3-Day The FRAMED Challenge!

Rob Ballentine

Rob is an established artist/entrepreneur, who started drawing when lockdown began in March 2020.

He began his career as a commissioned artist after he was inundated with requests for commissions when a FB post of a portrait of a friend's dog went live. With 0 experience as a commissioned artist, he grew his client base to selling commissions world wide within 3 months.

Having not drawn since high school and working with a brand new medium, pastel pencils, he had to very quickly learn the techniques of established artists to increase his skills quickly to be able to draw at the speed of his incoming commissions.

He has commissioned over 200+ portraits in 3 years and is the innovator of the new ground breaking FRAMED FORMULA art challenge.

He is changing the art landscape of learning to draw the traditional 'follow along' way and is sharing three years of work creating the FRAMED FORMULA so you too can learn the FORMULA to drawing great now, without needing ten years of learning.

Your Chance To Achieve Drawing Success &

Uncover the FORMULA You've Always Wanted Is Right Now...

...Will You Take It?

Are You Ready To Learn The Formula To Drawing And Have The Confidence & Skills To Draw Great NOW?

What You Can Expect From The

FRAMED Challenge!


  • Overwhelmed with where to start & what to learn...

  • No idea what materials to buy without breaking the bank

  • Fed up with feeling lost at what to draw or where to start without a FORMULA

  • Want/need to get good NOW (maybe your business depends on it)...


  • Feel confident no matter what drawing your starting

  • Know EXACTLY how to break down your reference photo for easy colour selecting

  • Understand the ONE drawing skill that really matters

  • 10x your Side Hustle/Business

  • ​Draw quicker, earn more and feel amazing!

Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up For

The 'FRAMED Masterclass' Today!

  • FREE! 3 days of learning how to draw without the overwhelm and without taking years to learn

    (£987 Value)

  • FREE! Access to our exclusive 'FRAMED Masterclass' Workbook, where you can get hands-on tasks, and daily homework during the challenge! + The Framed Mindset Workbook!


  • FREE! Exclusive artists community to reflect, learn and inspire.


Normally: £987

Today's Price: 100% FREE!


I'm brand new to art, is this going to go over my head?

Absolutely not. This challenge is a wonderful way to get you going. It will introduce you to THE most important techniques that will accelerate your process by YEARS.

I'm already an experienced artist, will this be too elementary for me?

Definitely not. Wile you may have experience already, the techniques I'm going to teach you will help you draw faster, which in turn means you can earn more and have lots more time to do what you love.

Do I have to come to the live trainings?

Yes - if you can. We do understand that scheduling conflicts may arise and that's why the live session recordings will be available during the challenge. To get the most out of the FREE challenge we advise that attending our live sessions are the better way to do it as you will have the chance to get feedback and ask questions. While each session is recorded and will be made available for the week of the live training. Once the challenge is over, they will no longer be available.

What supplies do I need?

Just a few pastel pencils is all you need. Don't worry, when you sign up we'll send you the very small list with links of exactly where you can buy them. They'll all be from Amazon too so you can guarantee delivery in time. Of course you don't have to follow along - you're more than welcome to sit, watch, engage and have fun. There is no pressure for you to draw 'along'. The sessions will be fun, informative, engaging and overall will inspire you and light that creative fire for you.

How much time do I need to invest in the challenge?

Just an hour a day for 5 days will give you everything you need to get going and become the confident artist you've always dreamed of becoming. Of course, you are also welcome to attend the extra hour each day where I will be hosting an intimate after class workshop giving you my expert secrets.


3-DAY Virtual Event:

'The FRAMED Challenge'


Monday 6th May - for 3 days @1pm BST

(60 minutes per challenge day)


So you can finally get the FORMULA for drawing and have the life and business you want without the needless hassles and headaches of traditional, outdated learning!

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